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So you have stumbled upon my little haven full of thoughtless words and thoughtful randomness. I stopped blogging for one whole year in 2014 and now I am back on track, trying to get back my writing skills XD I blog about my school and share my love of music, designing and nailart (fangirl alert there~).

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So many things happened but I don't have time to write it here. You might see me blabbering on Twitter, posting photos, spazzing there. In fact, there are days when I didn't even switch on the laptop for 4 days! That's a feat, indeed, because I can't live without using the laptop even for a day. However, my job requires me to do so many things that I don't even have time to switch it on. So, here are the roundups of what had happened to me for the past few weeks lol

MAY 17, 2015
We had a Teacher's Day celebration at school, and the theme is "Back To School" but I never planned to wear my school uniform (which will bring back all the nightmares I had when I was in high school) So I decided to go with "college look". I wore a blouse, trousers, a jacket and added some accessories like file binders, student card, and backpack. I couldn't care less when some teachers commented how I didn't show much effort, unlike them who even bought a new set of school uniform just for that 5 hours event! Plus, I will be walking around taking photos, so since I'm wearing trousers, it is easy for me to walk around (although I'm wearing a pair of covered shoes with 4inches heels)

The event went on as usual: some speech, presenting gifts to teachers, performances and games. I don't really remember what happened because I was so sleepy. I just came back from Singapore for Got7 Fanmeeting the day before,and that night, I have to pack 120 Teacher's Day's gifts to be given to the teachers, on behalf of the hostel students. You know, like how the parents will pack the gifts for the children to give to the teachers on that day.. haha~

MAY 18, 2015
The hostel students made a surprise event for the wardens (four hostel wardens including me) and I can say that their surprise event is way better than the school celebration. They prepared everything so well (even though I kinda noticed their preparation since the evening... with the balloons and all haha) and it's beautiful too! They spread flower petals from our door towards the gazebo where they put the cakes. The gazebo was beautifully decorated with flowers and origami and then they sang a few songs for us. When we thought it was over, they invited us into their study room, and to our surprise, the room was filled with balloons and a table full of feast awaited us! I felt thankful that they spent some times to do this, and really appreciate their effort.

MAY 23, 2015
PWH Awards 2015, an award to appreciate our very own Chinese Artists. I received two media passes and passes from FS Family and Henley Hii's Fanclub. I was supposed to sit with FS Family but just my luck, I was escorted to the media section along with my sister and Phoebe, our friend, who is also our translator. The event started off with the red carpet and it was amazing to see everyone coming with such beautiful dress. I get to meet amazing artists like Penny Tai, Soo Wincci, M-Girls, TJ, Geraldine, Orange, Juztin, Hao Ren, Danny Wan, and of course, the ones that I waited, Henley Hii and FS.

The event was fully conducted in Chinese, so I was thankful that Phoebe was there to help me to translate things. We were seated 7 rows away from Henley and 4 rows away from FS (while the fanclubs were seated at the far back having to look at the big screen instead of the real stage, so again, we were so lucky) and we can see everyone clearly, as the artists went in and out of their seating area to receive the award or to prepare for the stage performance. It was an amazing experience and to get to see the trophy up close is also a once in a lifetime experience! FS' managers were seated right in front of us, so every time FS received an award, they will hold it for them, so we can see it right in front of our eyes XD

It was a prestigious event, and I am happy to be part of it, and to experience something like this. Apart form meeting the celebrities, I get to watch live performances, and learn a thing or two about the stage management and all. Everything went on very smoothly and I must say, even if my favourite artists are not nominated for the next award ceremony, I would still attend the again.

MAY 24, 2015
I had a bittersweet memory on this one. First, I hate extreme heat, so I can't stand being under the sun for too long or else I will get massive headache. Second, I don't really enjoy being in a super crowded place because it would be too noisy, and I hate unnecessary body contact with people while walking through the crowd =.= I have to go through those because of Henley and FS. Thanks to the organiser who provided me with media pass (for the first time, I went under Blogger's pass - MintyMocha) and I was surprised that they gave me the pass despite being a new blog XD I need to work hard to improve my writing skill, and to reach out for more readers! And I got one for my sister under Dorkistic so on that day, we are allowed to certain access, and the best part is we can park at the closest area to the entrance!

The performances of local artists has started before 3 and as we arrived the main stage area, they just finished their performance and the crowd waled away from the stage, knowing that the next stage is "Chinese Singers". Long story short, I was happy to see Henley Hii again because the last time we met him was in 2015 during ONEFM Concert. We felt bad because there aren't many fans cheering for him, but personally, we were happy because we had nice interaction with him throughout the performance. Right after Henley, FS took over the stage and this time, the crowd double because their fanclub arrived just in time. After the performance, my sisters and I waited backstage to waved them goodbye but they ended up stopped by and had a chat with us before saying goodbye.

That's how bittersweet that day was. But it was enough to make me happy the whole week despite the bullshit happening at school.

MAY 28, 2015
Went to Singapore for Vixx Fantasia Utopia in Singapore. Driving to Singapore was fun and I love their highway and how we can reach from one place to another in less than an hour haha~ my two sisters are avid Vixx fans so where Vixx are, they will be there too, and I will eventually be there as well.

May 31st, 2015 and June 3rd, 2015
Met FS as they became guest performer at Neway Karaoke Competition Finals at Fahrenheit88 (May 31st) and for their Album Promo and College Tour at New Era College Kajang. The other FS Family members were surprised to see me frequently now lol. Well, I go for the music. They can sing live very well, and I just want to enjoy live music while taking a break from school so I try to attend as many event as I could during the holiday. However, not only the fanclub starting to recognise me, but FS themselves haha~ plus, the events are mostly free or costs less than MYR50.

Looks like I have been meeting idols most of the time, and other than that, I just stayed home, marking exam papers and spending the day with my family. Home sweet home~

//photos coming up ....... I -dont-know-when//

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