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So you have stumbled upon my little haven full of thoughtless words and thoughtful randomness. I stopped blogging for one whole year in 2014 and now I am back on track, trying to get back my writing skills XD I blog about my school and share my love of music, designing and nailart (fangirl alert there~).

It would be amazing to read your comments on my post and I would certainly write back to you if you have your blog URL in the comment ^^ Thank you for visiting and enjoy reading!


» Location: Malaysia
» Layout No.: 11
» Featuring : SHINEE Jonghyun
» Owner: Fai
» Contact: EMAIL ME
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18042013 - Blogskin.com Appreciation Post
I think I'm losing my marbles already. With all the workload, people might think that I lie about it. Why? Because for the past few days, I've been lurking on Blogskins.Com too much! Yes, in fact, since five days ago, I've submitted NINE blogskins! Well, most are not new. They were at Dorkistic.Net's page for quite awhile and I just submit it to Blogskin for the users to rate and comment. However, I made two Blogskins-exclusive layouts featuring Lee Hi and Vixx. Looking at all the submission there, it is funny how most of them are minimalist, with black, white and grey as the main colours, and then there are my layouts with bright colour schemes and sometimes too dark but still colurful. Hahaha, I'm weird like that XD Well, since I learnt Photoshop years ago, it has been a way for me to relax myself from the stressful workload. Even during study week back in the university, I can't help but to open the application, make a few graphics and then continue with my study. Well, I can't say my designs are great, but I'm proud that I can use Photoshop, after being a humble user of MSPaint and GIMP.

Honestly, I kind of missed the old Blogskin. I've been a user of Blogskin since 6 years ago and the account that I had now is my second account. I deleted the first one because I'm kinda ashamed with all the crappy newbie-ish design that I had back them XD These days, the "senior" blogskinner hardly come and submit something. How I wish they will be back and give me inspirations that they did years ago. Lol, looks like this is a "blogskin-appreciation" post! I think it is a blogskin appreciation post because as I typed this, my Vixx layout became the Skin of the Day (SOTD)! wooooyeahhh~ well, that layout is not in my list, but my sister requested it and I decided to make it very simple and dark and I think it deserves the SOTD tho.. haha XD

Look how crazy I am. Four of them are my layouts... 

 April 17th SOTD ^^

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DATE:Friday, April 19, 2013 TIME:{1:56 AM} COMMENTS:
I've never heard of blog skins so I'm a little confused as to what that is Lol I think any one who can use Photoshop though deserves a pat on the back, I still use Paint Shop Pro and that still throws me off sometimes >_<
Haha I joined that place hoping to find more anime/jrock/kpop designers a few years ago!! I totally forgot about it!!!!!

You have a great portfolio!
Omg I remember when I made blogskins! But back then my design skills were terrible and I never made it to SOTD. I still don't know how to make blends like those though.

Sometimes I miss designing but I guess it doesn't matter because I don't have time anyway.
Hey, long time no talk. ^_^
I've never been creative enough to be able to contribute to communities like these.
Man, good job! Getting into top picks is awesome! ^_^
hellohello! hahah i also did a post about Blogskins recently, comparing how it is now and how it was then. i think you have killer photoshop skills and i hope to be half as good as you are one day, lol!
I have seen a lot of really nice Blogskins. Yours are really nice! I looked at Blogskins a long time ago for inspiration but never used anything. I really liked looking at the colourful ones because they were so delicate, ornate and well done. I think some people on there really have their own style, even if they do make something minimalist. There sure are some talented people there. ;)

Congratulations on getting Skin of the Day! Always have to screenshot moments like these. <3

I also understand your frenzy with designing blogskins; sometimes I really want to design something so I just keep giving my websites new layouts, particularly my fanlistings... I feel like there's always room for a revamp. XD
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