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So you have stumbled upon my little haven full of thoughtless words and thoughtful randomness. I stopped blogging for one whole year in 2014 and now I am back on track, trying to get back my writing skills XD I blog about my school and share my love of music, designing and nailart (fangirl alert there~).

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21052013 - Teacher's Day and all that
While typing this post, I'm waiting for the photos of Jay Park's xMini Capsule Launching photos to load for me to put watermark. Yep, my sisters went to Singapore as we were invited to the launching of the super cool speaker inspired by Jay Park. Since my last post, every day is a busy day for me. The mid-term exam has ended and that left me with 300 exam scripts to mark (which I've finished marking 70% of it). We also celebrated Teacher's Day last week and I don't really enjoy this one because the year's theme colour was Brown. I hate it. It makes me look old =.= last year was pink and I like it XD However, the best part of this year's Teacher's Day celebration was when the hostel student threw a surprise event for all the wardens. They served us with Chicken Steak, cake, roll-down banner, fireworks and singing. They all sang this cute Malay song about teachers. The thing is... the wardens are a bunch of heartless humans so we felt so awkward and don't know how to react to that lol XD We just stood there, watching them singing, and them awkwardly clapped our hands kekeke~ Thanks to all Asbenta residents for the surprise event (you guys watched too much Korean dramas, eh? hahaha...) It was so meaningful and the best Teacher's Day gift this year ^^

Anyway, later on, my sisters and I went to Singapore to meet A-Prince. We were invited to cover their showcase and to be honest, A-Prince is not a group that we really follow. I actually listened to their song back then because it's so cute, and they were from one of my favourite group, Taken who disbanded and renamed as A-Prince, but then I stopped following them. I only know their songs but I don't know who's who. However, upon meeting them, I discovered their talents and how they actually are good looking in real life, and they are so free-spirited. You can feel them enjoying the stage for all the songs they performed, and what brought my sisters and I to almost tears was when they performed DBSK's Hug and Mirotic. We're pretty disappointed that we didn't get invitation by TVXQ Catch Me Tour's Organizer to cover the event, even though it was held in Malaysia, but then, we're glad that we went all the way from Malaysia to Singapore that we get to see five charming princes performing those legendary songs of K-Pop. 

And today, I was home, falling sick. Yes, this is the second time I was down with fever this year and I am so sad that I think I've taken care of my body well enough (I consumed vitamins and calcium pills diligently compared to last year) but still, I think my body cant handle the challenge I had this year. Well, God just want to put away some of my Sins, so he put me down with some sickness~ 

So far, I'm happy for the past ten days because my sisters were here with me and that actually gave me strength to handle the pressure I had with my career. I thank God for giving me such an amazing family which I can turn to when I'm down, and actually my happy virus when I feel sad and breaking down. 

Be sure to be back soon because in the next post, I'm talking about my new hobby XD

Happy Birthday to A-Prince's Seungjun, Nu'Est's Aron, and Lu:Kus' Choi!!!

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DBSK Hug - I haven't heard that song in forever!!
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