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So you have stumbled upon my little haven full of thoughtless words and thoughtful randomness. I stopped blogging for one whole year in 2014 and now I am back on track, trying to get back my writing skills XD I blog about my school and share my love of music, designing and nailart (fangirl alert there~).

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#40 - Birthday and all
So it's my birthday and I receive thoughtful birthday wishes from my family, friends and students. A special shoutout to Aya who requested my favourite idol, Sam Carter to wish and sing me a birthday song, and to Inna, who made a photo collage of wishes from her friend from all around the world, wishing me birthday (will upload it in the next post because the internet won't cooperate with me uploding photos). Thanks to Kangsan and YSL too for wishing me birthday though I personally told them that it was my birthday lol~

What I've been up to these days?

  • Sleeping - been sleeping in a lot! sorry mom and sisters, I hardly helped around the house except for sending out our laundry to the laundrybar today XD
  • Writing - been writing tips and outline stuff for my new project page, which is related to journaling and planner
  • Reading - on bullet journaling and how to plan effectively
  • Having a good laugh - with my family. 
We have celebrated my birthday earlier last week at Seoul Garden and since my brother is not here so we don't really celebrate it today but I am so happy and stressed at the same time lol. Turning thirty is no joke, man. Adulting game is going to be more intense after this ahahhhaa~


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#39 - One-Week Holiday

The one-week holiday is here but I can't really relax because we have tonnes to do at school once it reopens next week XD Nonetheless it is still fun because I will be away from the school and hostel. I have so many projects in my head so I need to sort them out. One of the big event we are having is the Art and Music Festival which will be held at the end of the year. We have to do the audition as well as planning for it to make sure it will go smoothly. Some teachers don't really like it that my friend and I are very active in doing events, but that's what we enjoy doing tho hahaha~

I bought an .xyz domain yesterday because I just can't help it! my friends and I both bought it and for now I use it to write daily prompts and it was to teach my friend how to use domain and install wordpress to the domain and all. Since I already got the domain, so I will use it for one of my upcoming project. For now it is just a plain pre-made theme, with no content yet. Once everything is set up, I will share the link here~

I have been learning brush lettering since a month ago but I still need lots of practice.. it is not as smooth yet because sometimes I stopped in the middle instead of writing smoothly XD

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#38 - Wait, What?
Omo, look at the date, it's already September! and yeah, my siblings are mocking me because I am turning thirty soon =.= Nonetheless, life have been on ups and downs a lot for August - well, mostly down, and it only got better when September came. I am grateful that the condition is getting better, and I am back to appreciating being alive, and having this career as my job. Enough of whining, today was a good day indeed ^^ My students were behaving well today and I am happy that I have completed the syllabus for this year. Now I just need to focus on preparing for their exam. Can't believe that we only have two months left before school ends! I can't really remember what I did for the past 8 months tho hahahah~

Two new historical drama made their debut on TV last week: Love in the Moonlight and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. I can't help but to watch both tho I don't really wait for the episodes. I only reached episode 3 for both dramas, and I will wait until I am free to watch the latest ones. BUT, my sister has been feeding me with Lee Junki's stuff and one of it were some adorable art/cartoon featuring the actors in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. The fan is nice enough to give the download link so I turn them into stickers. Check my journal spread below:

Aren't they so cute???? Thanks kakoi77 for drawing them!

So much of "no spend", I bought two packets of charms from AppreciatoWashiland! I just can't help it because they are too adorable, and I always wanted to have little charms for my journal, so I bought them XD I only used two of them, and I need to buy new straps to make more journal elastics~

My daily journal, and the carousel charm ^^

Vintage and Horse Charms from AppreciatoWashiland

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#37 - Almost done!
It's exactly a week since my last post and I am happy that I am crossing them out one by one. I just finished 3 design orders, and also finished packing the fankits. It was challenging because the designs are for a real company and they paid me USD50 for each design. You know how hard it is when you are dealing with big companies - we need to make it EXACTLY like what they pictured in their head, which obviously we can't even see, lol. Nonetheless, I had fun with it and will share with you once they reveal it to their customers in September.

I have one more day until the Marching competition so I was busy teaching my students how to take photos. I am a novice photographer myself but since I am one of the club advisors in the Multimedia and Photography Club, I need to teach them a thing or two about photography since they will be taking lots of photos for our school events. They have covered so many events so far but this would be different, so I was busy showing them the know-hows that I didn't notice that I stood under the scorching sun for quite a while. I got a bad headache after that but what's important is that the students have to take nice photos and discover more stuff about photography.

It's 3.15am and I need to wake up at 6.30 so I shall leave you with a video which I play every night before I sleep, because this is my favourite song since it was released and they finally performed it live. It's a group which I don't really like before, but I bought all their albums since their debut because their songs are good. I only started to know the members a few months ago so I was excited that they performed my fave song - I think it was from the first album? hahaha~I don't really remember because I listen to the CD in my car so I don't know the title XD I know that it was from the album with white CD hahahahahhaha~ Let me introduce you, MADTOWN!

Check out two new blogrolls: 9Daily and Jo's blog!

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#36 - To-Do List
I thought my busy days are over but today I received three more projects and you have no idea how many K-Pop events are happening in the upcoming week and month. I also have school events to handle and to work with and it's going to drive me crazy. This makes me want to have a gateaway as soon as possible. Here's my list so far:


  • 19/08 - Planner Workshop #1 
  • 21 - 23/08 - Speaking and Listening Test for PT1 and PT2
  • 24/08 - Inter-School Marching Competition
  • 26/08 - Roy Kim Press Conference and Fanmeeting
  • 27/08 - April Meet and Greet in Malaysia
  • 27/08 - Kang Haneul Meet and Greet in Singapore
  • 08/09 - SIPA 2016 in Indonesia
  • 10/09 - AIM Chinese 2016 
  • 10/09 - Dean Fanmeeting in Malaysia
  • October - Astro Showcase in Thailand
  • October - FC Men in Indonesia
I don't even want to look at my planner right now lol~ bbyong!


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