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So you have stumbled upon my little haven full of thoughtless words and thoughtful randomness. I stopped blogging for one whole year in 2014 and now I am back on track, trying to get back my writing skills XD I blog about my school and share my love of music, designing and nailart (fangirl alert there~).

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#21 - Spending Quality Time
It's the 2nd (or is it 3rd?) week of school holiday. Everyone is mostly traveling out and about, as what I see on my FB timeline, and school's Whatsapp Group. Me? I am home, spending quality time (-ish hahaha) with my family. Well, mostly eating out, and mall-hopping. We don't have any plan to travel this year, probably because my sister is in the middle of her final exam. Last year, at this time of the year, my 3rd sibling and my parents are enjoying their holiday in Sabah, and I was cracking my head marking exam papers. I am glad I don't have to do it this year. It is challenging and tiring. Nonetheless, I learnt a lot from it. And despite of not going anywhere, I attended quite a few events (none-KPOP event, tho) and the recent one was the Media Conference of our local artist, Henley Hii. It was our first experience, attending a local media conference and I must say it was a bit awkward for the first 5 minute.

The event was conducted fully in Mandarin (since Henley Hii is a Chinese singer), and my sisters and I are the only Malay (non-chinese speaker) there. The manager, and even the emcee were concerned whether we understand the whole event or not, since we need to do a write-up after the conference. It was hard, because I only understood 30% of the whole conference, but we took the opportunity to expose ourselves to the local music industry. We have been a fan of Mandarin songs since we were young, thanks to our neighbours who love to play his S.H.E and other Mando-pop singers albums out loud that we even know how to sing the song. We are lucky that this year, we are able to attend quite a lot of local artists' events, and help spread their talents to our readers. I need to re-study my Mandarin textbook to help me understand them more, hahaha~

This time, it was my sister who took the photos. I just have to edit them before publishing it to our website. It is a total challenge especially when you are editing his picture where he is looking straight at the camera keke~ again, mission 2016, getting a new lens OR a new camera for my sisters.

Check out Henley Hii's latest song, Second Chance. And he is coming out with 2nd MV soon, and I hope it would be either Take Me Home or Dearly Stranger (Peter Pan's cover song)

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DATE:Saturday, December 12, 2015 TIME:{1:27 AM} COMMENTS:
I love the Chinese language and love S.H.E and even F.I.R and even so much. I was exposed to that sort of cultural difference when I was young so I appreciate it. I'm loving Henley Hii's new single.
I agree with you but at the same time I feel rude and a bit childish at blocking users, have no idea why. u.u
I'd actually throw confetti if my spamming followers blocked me, but they'll never do as the more people they follow the more intelligent they think to be....pathetic - that's why I don't block them.
Love your blog too; wanna be on my blog roll? I'd love to have your site listed. ^__^
It's good that you can have a bit more of a relaxing time this year. It might be a blessing not to travel. :D

That is great that you got to attend the event, even if it might not have been in english. I am sure that some more study and it would become easier. :D
Hi there, sorry for the extremely late reply. n.n;;;;;

Exactly; an automatic no-reply "got your message, working on it" email would be enough.
If a host takes so long to respond in quiet times, what happens when there's a big issue - and she's busy solving it, hostees get shut out and without clues on the situation!? I'm applying a degree of leniency to free hosts - as the service could be a minor part of the site, a hobby - but in my case I was paying for the hosting, which in my view makes the host's long silence simply unacceptable.
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