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So you have stumbled upon my little haven full of thoughtless words and thoughtful randomness. I stopped blogging for one whole year in 2014 and now I am back on track, trying to get back my writing skills XD I blog about my school and share my love of music, designing and nailart (fangirl alert there~).

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» Location: Malaysia
» Layout No.: 11
» Featuring : SHINEE Jonghyun
» Owner: Fai
» Contact: EMAIL ME
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10042013 - Loads going on tomorrow!
So, out of the blue I got myself a new layout! Well, this is an experiment of trying to make a "clean" layout kind of website for Wowbeat, since it is magazine-like website. I'm also trying to come out with new style for EmpireKiss which should be opened two days ago but I was away meeting my family. I'm thinking of using the Lee Hi layout that I made because I fell for its colours and you know how I always come out with "good" layouts at random time. Looks like most of my sites need a new look! I'm getting tired with UEE on Shinpanda as well and I'm searching for suitable idol to feature there. The coding itself took quite a while because it is not my usual coding. This time I'm trying to combine both table and div. It looks like the cliche layouts you might find on Blogskins but I'm still working on to its perfection, with neat CSS and all. Why do I choose Infinite? Well, it's just a random click from the "K-Pop Images" folder and I might be changing the header soon because.. oh well, I'm not really a fan here hahaha~ Infinite Hwaiting!

It would be a busy day for me tomorrow because I have to come in the morning, doing the clerical work for the school stuff, involving data, percentage and all. I feel dreadful because I can't send my lovelies to their public speaking competition today. This would be the first competition of the year and yeah, I just want them to have fun, and enjoy themselves there. I have my own reason and plan for choosing them and I hope the higher authorities could at least give a little tiny support with my choice. 

I've been working a lot these days that I always skip my mini-exercise regime *hides* okay, okay, I will push myself to do it no matter how tired I am! It is good that I found a nice website which streams perfectly and I can watch movie while doing my school work. Today, I listened to Arirang Radio with Kevin (Children of Empire) as the host. How I wish I can listen to Sam and Aron and Peniel back to back too. I am easily weak for guys with nice English accent haha~ and yeah, thanks Kevin for amazing queues of nice songs (including D-Unit, B1A4, Off Road and Vixx) and I hope I will remember to tune in again tomorrow for more Aussie accent and nice music.

Truth to be told, I think I'm getting back on track with myself again after the short break. I'm trying hard to hold on for at least one or two years, and keep my head down, and save some money before thinking of my Masters study, which apparently would be a little challenging to do at the moment due to my stressful workload XD 

It's alomost 4am and I shall see you later!

thank you for your lovely comments on my previous post everyone! I will reply them one by one after this =)

p/s: still have the post-withdrawal syndrom with Lunafly because we keep being reminded to McFly, Busted, and all the britbands that my sisters and I were into back when we're in high school and we still love them now.. the fact that there's a Korean group which totally remind us to them is so.. heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time~ 

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DATE:Wednesday, April 10, 2013 TIME:{3:58 AM} COMMENTS:
The layout looks amazing!!! I seriously love the colors!!! I am always still trying to improve my coding skills as well. Your style is impressive! <3
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