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[NAILS] Tony Moly's Pink Candy

So I was rearranging my nailpolish (which I keep in a shoebox lol) and I noticed that I have an unopened bottle, which is obviously magical! Why? Because, I will usually try all the nailpolish that I bought right when I reached home, so to have one which is untouched, and considered that I haven't been shopping for new nail polish for quite some time amazed me keke~

So there you go, a glitter polish called Pink Candy by Tony Moly. I don't usually paint my nails during school night because it will be a waste to wear one just for a few hours, but then I can't wait for weekend to try it so yeah, I will just do it quick and remove it before I go to school the next day. You know the agony of wearing glitter polish, right? It looks so pretty on your nails but it is so hard to remove it, so again, I don't know why I insisted on wearing this.

I love the texture of the polish, where the glitter speckles are just tiny and it won't really caught people's eyes. It looks fine even with only one layer of thin polish, for a quick dry, but I put on 3 layers - also because it dries quickly and I just want to have a brighter colour.

The colour is nice - if only my skin is of two years ago, lol. I got darker in these two years because of the excessive exposure to the sun, being a morning session teacher. When you are in morning session, all the sports activities will be conducted after school, at 3PM to 6PM so imagine the sunburn you will get =.= And that's why, it is now harder for me to find a suitable nailpolish to match my now-tanned skin lol

After taking the photos above, I noticed that my cuticles look better that the one I have when I wear the  purple nailpolish last week (picture below):

I was so amazed myself. Well, I am kinda stupid tho, because I haven't been diligent enough in taking care of my nails, unlike back then when I spend my weekend painting my nails and post it on IG. When I got busy this year, I just couldn't care less. I didn't put on the nail strengthener, or even put on nail lotion on regular basis. I just do it when I remembered to do it.

However, a few days ago, the weather has gotten so hot that my hand feels dry, so I started putting on lotion on regular basis again. In fact, before I put on the Pink Candy, my cuticles are still like the one above. So I put on the Etude House Hand Cream around it for two times, and then put on the nail polish. I only realised how it  really changed the nail's condition in a few seconds! //happy//

My fave. I have too many hand creams but this one stays with me the longest.

That's how I basically take care of my nails, other than the ones I read on the net AND the nail mask.

We can't really keep our nails long, so I have to say goodbye to my nails today as I am going for a course tomorrow, where they will check out appearance (especially nametags) so I don't want to ruin my school's image haha~ I hope it will grow fast as I am planning to paint my nails during the teacher's day celebration =)

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DATE:Monday, May 11, 2015 TIME:{1:30 PM} COMMENTS:
Wow, that pink colour is so pretty. The fact it has the glitter in it, makes the texture look lovely. :D

That is a great tip about caring for the nails. I need to take that advice and use it. :D
Very pretty nail polish! I love the pink~! ^^
pink candy tu lawaaaa!!
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