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So you have stumbled upon my little haven full of thoughtless words and thoughtful randomness. I stopped blogging for one whole year in 2014 and now I am back on track, trying to get back my writing skills XD I blog about my school and share my love of music, designing and nailart (fangirl alert there~).

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[BLOG] Long Weekend Day 2
02052015 - It's D-DAY! To be honest, I can hardly sleep last night because I'm so excited to see FS today XD I haven't seen then since January (and I've missed so many events of them in March and April too T_T) so I'm really looking forward to see them again. We (my housemate and I) started the journey at 7.30am and arrived at MidValley at around 10.30am (after a few wrong turns and exits lol). Upon arrival, people are already queuing outside the convention area where the IT exhibition is held. We were so clueless of what was happening so we just queued at the line where I saw many girls wearing red FSfamily tshirt lol. Turned out that those people are queuing to get the coupon for the cheap deals of powerbank, external hard disk and pendrives (some goods are as cheap as MYR1 if you have the coupon) Since I'm not buying them, so I just gave mine to someone else who queued behind me.

At around 11.30am, they opened the door and people rushed it. Since we were informed about the Acsson booth whereabouts, so we just go straight there to get FS's single album for free. Turned out that we need to take photo at the photobooth area and post it on our Instagram to get the album. Easy eh? So we did it, and I got two albums (for me and another one is for Aya who informed me about the event) After that, we have a few more hours before the meet and greet so we walked around to check out the gadgets and mobile accessories. I have to keep my mind straight to not buying anything because I'm  under a very tight budget (we are going to Singapore again at the end of the month so I need to save up) or else I would have bought so many things including cute thumbdrives, Starbucks power bank and even the selcabong because the handles are too cute!

The boys appeared at 3.00++ and they sang three songs, played games with fans, and had a quiz session too. At the end of the event, there was a fansigning session so I went up to get my CD signed. Being the only Malay gathering at the stage, it caught Sam's attention (I was standing at the left area of the stage near him) and yup, his surprised face is no longer a surprise for me because he did that during the Seremban event (of which the only Malay during that event was me). Honestly, I was kinda scared of the fanclub because they are all wearing the official t-shirt, and it made me think that the event is actually a private event for only the fanclub lol XD Since the emcee didn't notice that they have a Malay fan there, so they are speaking Chinese throughout the event, which I have to struggle to understand them with my very limited Mandarin skill (I blame myself for not studying really hard during my Mandarin lesson back in uni. I was busy staring at the handsome tutor rofl)

On stage for the fansign, Fuying and Sam greeted me (thanks for remembering me, Sam!) and that's when Fuying said "long time no see!" and we talked for a while. Being a noona, I felt like a real noona, asking how are they doing and such. I told them to come to Johore more often and Sam was surprised that I drove all the way here just to see them (it's no big deal guys, as long as I get to listen to you guys live!) before I get off the stage, Fuying even reminded me to drive safely lol (which I only did until Seremban, and then I went off speed limit because I was so sleepy driving below 100 keke)

It was fun to meet them again, and since they are our local idols, the feeling is different. You feel even closer, and you get to speak your language, although of course, I was too nervous that I only speak English. Thanks Sam for speaking English a lot this time hahaha~ I don't want to make a fool of myself because the last time we talked, Sam used Malay and I replied in English ahahhaha //I don't speak Malay much unless necessary, and I even sleeptalk in English// To hear them live is such a bliss. I enjoy listening to live music and they sang all their songs live. I can't be even happier than that. Even when I have to drive back right after that, I don't feel tired at all because it was a fun day. You know how people will screencap and spazzed out when their idols liked their photos on IG? For Sam to like my FS nailart, and Fuying to like my photo of myself with them made me so excited, even more excited than when my K-idols liked my photos lewl~ //it's Malaysian thing I guess XD// Thanks FS!

And to add with that, I am officially an FSfamily member too lol. I still have so many local idols whom I want to meet again (including Alvin, Henley and Daniel) how I wish there is OneFM concert like last time, where I get to meet my local, Taiwanese and even Korean idols in one place!


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