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So you have stumbled upon my little haven full of thoughtless words and thoughtful randomness. I stopped blogging for one whole year in 2014 and now I am back on track, trying to get back my writing skills XD I blog about my school and share my love of music, designing and nailart (fangirl alert there~).

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02032013 - Welcoming March with a trip
'Twas on the first day of March that my housemate came out with an idea of going to the Big Bad Wolf. It is a book fair, focusing on English books and they are selling them in a very cheap price. The normal English novel would usually cost MYR29.90 to MYR59.90 but there, the novels are just MYR5. We started our journey on Saturday morning and I'm the driver of the day. I was a bit nervous because we're not using the usual route I use to go back home, so the drive is a bit slow (and boring). However, I was so excited that we get to stop by at the RnR to have a nice venti of Peppermint Mocha! Yes, that is what keeps me alive that day. Along the way, we listened to BTOB's Press Play album. Well, more like MY personal choice because I'm the one who drive and I think I will fall asleep if I have to listen to their playlist XD

We arrived in the afternoon and thank God that we get to park at the basement, near the lift to go to the Exhibition hall. Arriving at the entrance hall, my head began to spin, as I don't like to go to a crowded place. It was indeed very crowded with people browsing and choosing their books. We spent about two hours there and strangely, I only bought six novels, three scrapbooking books and two postcard-edition books (which I can tear and turn into flash cards). How I wish I could buy more, but the crowd is killing me. I never been to the Big Bad Wolf before, and I thought it would be like PWTC's International Book Fair where the venue is fully air-conditioned. I randomly browsed books and if the synopsis at the back suits my favourite (setting in Europe, or mystery, or the main character is a teacher, or magic involved) I just put it in my bag. The total amount that I spent for all the books is MYR50 for 11 books. Normally, with MYR50, I'll only get to buy two books (or sometimes just one) so it's pretty worth it. 

I would love to go there again, but to arrive there early in the morning so the weather is not very hot, and I get to be inside when there's not many people arrived yet. If only the venue is more improved, and bigger, with more lights (we need good lighting to read, you know~) I would surely come there again. Traveling 3 hours all the way from Johore just to spend 2 hours at BBW sounds so not worth it, right? so we continued our journey to Alamanda because Adahana wants to buy shoes. I have no plans to buy anything there, so I just followed the girls from one shop to another. However, I just can't help but to stop at Etude House, in search for foot mask, because my foot is slowly hurting after driving and walking the whole day. I bought a pair of footmasks, hand cream and a nail polish and I received free poster of Shinee and two postcards too! So funny because they're just having their comeback but then, I'm not their huge fan, so I don't really spazz. I just laughed when the cashier said that I will get Shinee's poster. 

As we entered  the highway to go back to Johore, it's already dark. I took the challenge to drive back even though I an't really drive at night. I thought the highway will be full with street lights but then it is just for a few kilometres. When we arrived Seremban, the highway is so dark that I have to be very careful. It's funny because I never drive this stiff, and I can't really listen to my friends chattering beside me. We stopped by at Pagoh and my friend took over and we arrived home at 11. I was so tired but then because of the mocha, I can't really sleep. Now I have one more thing to write: Comparison between Etude House, Tony Moly and The Face Shop. Later!

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DATE:Monday, March 4, 2013 TIME:{12:49 AM} COMMENTS:
I love books, I would have loved to been able to go. An do foot mask work? I need something for my feet after a long day at work.
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