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So you have stumbled upon my little haven full of thoughtless words and thoughtful randomness. I stopped blogging for one whole year in 2014 and now I am back on track, trying to get back my writing skills XD I blog about my school and share my love of music, designing and nailart (fangirl alert there~).

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#35 - What I've Been Up To
My last post was when I was telling you about my car and the accident that I was involved in. Today I got a call from the workshop informing me that the car is ready. I am so happy to hear it but then I don't have anyone to bring me there. The workshop is 1.30hours away from my place so I have to wait until my housemate to be home from her outstation. It is nerve wrecking to think that I have to be on duty on my own for one whole week. I hope nothing huge happens or else I don't know how would I handle it. I've been up to so many things since my last post because other than this blog, I have been on Twitter and Instagram a lot. Anyway, the new layout is featuring Shinee's Jonghyun. I randomly clicked on a folder which then I have to use the images in the folder for my new layout, and JH was chosen. It looks simple, aite?  So here's the list of what I've been up to these days:

1. Studying
The final exam is coming, and nope, it is not me who is sitting for the exam but my students. I have been studying and analysing my students previous exam papers in order for me to help them prepare for the final exam. It was really hard because I am teacher 4 classes of different level of students: one is the top class, one is the middle level class, and two are the lowest level and they all have their own strength and weaknesses. Although it is called the lower classes, but you will be surprised to see their English marks. Some of them got even higher marks than the first class students during the previous exam. I feel like the CSI agent who needs to profile each students and see which part in English topics that they are good at and weak at.

2. Crime & Investigation
Yes, the channel. Ever since we bought the package which includes CI, my housemates and I have been watching the channel ALL THE TIME. If there is nothing to watch there then we would watch EVE, but also the crime shows and then when we feel too gory, we would watch LI, lewl. Since I am trying to improve my English, I am watching them without the subs which really helps. Before this, I have been watching Korean channels so I read English subtitles, but with CI, there are terms which we don't understand and my housemate needs the subtitle. It is nice that they have different series every month so we don't get bored by watching reruns all the time. Check out CITV Asia website

3. Stickers
To continue my latest addiction, I am still in love with cute stickers. Nowadays, I am into sticker flakes, where the stickers are bigger and i use it to decorate my journal. I hardly write in my planner anymore because I find it hard to plan things for my daily activity, so I turn my planner in to a to-do list for one whole week instead of daily. I had fun searching for cute images on Freepik and then print them out. Cutting the stickers has became my personal therapy when I'm feeling stressed with school. I will share another set of printable stickers tomorrow when I finished arranging them.

4. PokemonGo
 Yeah, I tried this and I kinda enjoy it. Nope, I am not that hooked because if you see my journal in the apps, I only catch them from 7pm - 9pm and go up one level each day. It was fun because you only see it on TV when you are young and now you get to join Ash and friends in capturing those cute Pokemons.

I was not in a good mood yesterday because I was annoyed with someone. It was scary that it really affects me until this evening. I was supposed to be excited to watch my fave idols performing their comeback stage, but I just sat there watching with no feelings or expression. I really need to learn how to handle my anger =.=

It's 3AM and I will stop now. I am too lazy to get pictures from my phone so this would just be a long no-photo post. Happy weekend!


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